Thursday, May 17, 2012

And then . . .

Having finished our second home study visit, we are working to complete the home study portion of the adoption process.  Today, Danelle, Benjamin and I had our photos taken for the passports.  Thankfully, mine does not look like my driver's license, which has me looking a shade of orange that is a cross between the tanning mom and one of the oompa loompas from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  After we had our photos taken at Sam's Club, we applied for our passports at the post office.  From there, we went to the court house to get our local background checks done.  And, finally, to the Gastonia Police Office for our fingerprints.  Benjamin was thrilled that they fingerprinted him, too (though it is was simply for fun and not because he had to).  I told him, "This better be the only time they have to fingerprint you!"

Of course all if it cost money.  Today we spent $445.  This doesn't include our having to mail off our fingerprints and the fee to send them to the SBI.  Once all of the home study is completed, then the real work begins with not only taking classes but also building our dossier.   

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