Monday, May 14, 2012

Thus Far in the Process . . .

Tomorrow night we have our second home visit from our home study coordinator.  Our first visit went really well.  During the previous visit, we were asked all about our backgrounds (childhoods, family life, relatioships with parents and siblings), about our jobs, and why we want to adopt.  The coordinator took a tour of our home.  It ended with us asking the coordinator all of our numerous questions about the paperwork we had to fill out and what was required for the home study to be completed (physicals, background checks, fingerprinting, etcetera).  Tomorrow night, we get to cover the topic of parenting.  At some point, the coordinator is supposed to interview each of us separately, although we are unsure if that will happen tomorrow night or later by phone. 

We have also been filling out paperwork - lots and lots and lots of paperwork.  Kafka in all of his stories could not have imagined all the paperwork involved.  I'm sure once we are done and we stack the papers in a pile, it will be thicker than a Russian novel.  As I am making calls to different places (court house, police department, doctors . . .) and filling out paper work for the home study and researching grants, I have to keep reminding myself why I am going through all of this: somewhere in another country is a little girl who doesn't know us and we don't know her but she will be our daughter.  My wife, Danelle, even mentioned yesterday, on Mother's Day, that it is highly likely that, come next Mother's Day, she will have two children to celebrate with.  God is amazing!   

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