Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Review of How To Adopt Internationally by Jean Nelson Erichsen & Heino R. Erichsen

This book is a good general over view of the international adoption process from considering international adoption to parenting an internationally adopted child.  The authors have provided a practical step-by-step manual whether you go through an adoption agency or independently.  They give you great questions that you should ask when choosing the right agency for you and break that down into questions about the agency itself, placement procedures, requirements for adoptive parents, the referral of a child, and expenses.  Another big help that this book offers is examples of all the forms a person will be filling out since paperwork is a big majority of the adoption process.  What makes this book work is that the Erichsen’s go through each step of the adoption process and break it down in layman’s terms so that the reader can understand exactly what is required by each country (and they cover 64 countries that allow for adoption).  So if you are considering adopting internationally and want good, solid, practical advice then this is the book where you should start.

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