Friday, June 1, 2012

Where Are We Now In The Process?

For those of you who've inquired . . .

Currently we are trying to wrap up our end of the home study.  Part of this involves waiting: waiting for all of our background and child abuse registry checks to come in,  as well as waiting for a couple of our reference letters to arrive so we can upload them to our computer and e-mail them to our home study coordinator.  Benjamin goes next week for his physical and then we can get a letter from his doctor.  Once all of this is done and we've sent it to our coordinator, she'll write her report and send it to us for our approval, before sending the recommendation on to the adoption agency.  Once the home study is completed, we can begin applying for grants.  I have already begun to fill out the applications for adoption grants, although there's the catch-22 of the fact that you can't apply for grants until the home study is done but the grant applications ask how much money you have already raised.  So far this money has all come from our pockets, whether it is from our home equity or from selling off items.  Money is one of the biggest obstacles for us and one that we're having to trust God the most on.  While I am a man of very limited resources, I serve a God of infinite resources. 

We are grateful to all of you who have been sharing your love and prayers with us so far in the beginning of this amazing journey toward bringing our daughter home.

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