Friday, July 20, 2012

A Boy & His Dog

All throughout the adoption process, my wife and I have been talking with my son about the change that will happen once we adopt another child.  My son has been an only child for 12 years so he doesn't fully grasp how different things will be once he has a sibling.  One night we were talking to him about how he was going to have to learn how to share.  Benjamin was fine with the idea of sharing us with another child.  It was only when we talked about how he'd have to share, Chloe, our dog that he got upset.  "No!  Chloe is my dog!"  Just the idea that Chloe would sleep in another child's bed at night and not his bothered him.  It's good to know that he's fine with sharing his parents but he draws the line at his dog.  I guess there really is nothing like the love between a boy and his dog.

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  1. Yep, we've all got our breaking points. YOu might have to adopt another dog too.