Sunday, July 29, 2012

Watching The Olympics

This year, as our family is watching the Olympics, we are paying close attention to not only how American athletes do (such as when we'll be shouting, "Go Lolo!" or my wife will be loudly cheering for our volleyball teams) but we will also be watching how athletes from Ukraine do.  Why?  Because Ukraine is the country we're adopting from.  During the opening ceremony, we cheered for their athletes.  We will see how they fare in the medals, such as Olena Kostevych earning a bronze in shooting.  It's exciting to think that this foreign country will be a part of our family, that its history will be a part of our family history, their culture will be included in our own.  Our family has gone to the library to check out books on Ukraine to help us better understand the place where our child will be coming from.  Because of a child, a whole other country is opening to us.

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