Monday, July 23, 2012

We're Now On Indiegogo!

As part of a way to help raise money for our adoption, we have joined the global funds site Indiegogo.  If you'd like to contribute, here is a link to that site:

One of the "perks" for contributing is an illustration of a name (yours, your child's, a niece's or nephews) according to their interests.  Below is a sample in which I illustrated the word "adoption."

The cost of adoption is expensive and any size donation will help, even if it's a $1 that dollar will help. Indiegogo gets 4% of money raised on that site so if you want to donate straight to our adoption fund, there is a donate button on this blog that goes directly to our Paypal account set up for the adoption.

Again, thank you for any support: financial or prayers.

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