Monday, August 13, 2012

Adoption Grants

One thing I hate doing is filling out forms and that seems to be what I have to do the most of in this adoption process.  Since we are a family of a limited income, I am currently scowering on-line to research about applying for adoption grants.  With grants, they typically have specific criteria that the applicants have to meet, such as religious affiliation, the country one’s adopting from, and even the age of a child or if the child is a special needs child.  According to adoption websites I’ve visited, they tend to give preference for those adopting older of special needs children. (Note: You are unable to apply for any grant until your home study is completed).

Something that all of the grant applications that I’ve been filling out require is a break down of how much your adoption will cost and how much you’ve raised, as well as some that ask how you plan to pay for the rest.  With us, we have been keeping an Excel spread sheet of our costs thus far as well as one for money we have been raising on our own (through the sell of household items on-line, selling candy at work, selling old coins, selling our crystal, silver, and china, etcetera).  We are also putting on our grants ways we are planning to raise more money: fund raisers, yard sales, global funding web site, and on-line donations.  Other websites said that preference is given to those in the most need and who show they are working hard on their own to raise funds. 

In terms of one's finances, one has to prepare a family monthly budget, summary of one's net worth, pay stubs, and income tax returns for the last couple of years.

Grants often require letters of reference, which we asked, those who were writing our letters of reference for the home study, to make copies of their letters and have those notarized so that we could use them for this very purpose.  I’ve also seen that it’s suggested to send reference letters even to those grants that don’t ask for them.

Talk with your adoption agent about grants that you qualify for, as they have lists of independent foundations that provide funding.

A good place to look for more information on adoption grants is The National Adoption Foundation.  Their website is:

If you were successful in applying for and getting adoption grants, please let us know tips on what you did.

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