Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Adoption Lifebook

We are getting ready to begin creating an adoption lifebook and was wondering what others have done when they created theirs.  Let us know your tips on how you created yours.

We are wanting to do ours as a kind of photo album and scrapbook of the journey leading up to adopting them (photos of our home, our dog, our immediate family, etcetera) to take and show the child.  After we have found a child, we then want to gather information on them that we can compile (birthday information, information about his or her birth parents, reason for placing the child up for adoption), photo copies of adoption records, cultural facts about the Ukraine, and then begin to compile their life with us.

Please share what you did in creating your lifebooks.  If you'd like to, send us photos and let us know if you'd like them posted on the blog.

What does your adoptive child respond to the most when they look at it?

Share your story with us.

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