Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So Where Are You Now In The Process?

For those keeping track, we have completed our home study, have mailed in our I-600A, and are currently working on our dossier.  We're waiting on the USCIS (INS) approval.  Yesterday we got a receipt for the payment and to let us know the forms had been forwarded to processing at the National Benefits Center in Missouri.  According to the receipt from the Department of Homeland Security, this will take 10-14 business days.

Both of us have gone to the doctor to have all of the tests and shots required. When all of the results of the tests are in, our doctors will provide medical certificates for both of us.  According to the doctors' office, we should be able to pick those up this Friday.  Both of us are waiting on our employment letters from work. We've also gotten the verification of home ownership from our bank.

Danelle and I will have to go into Charlotte to have our fingerprints done by the FBI.          

So what else is required for the dossier?
Two copies of the home study (done)
Two copies of home study agency's license
Two copies of social worker's license
Three copies of both of our passports (done)
Two originals of our marriage license (done)
Two letters of obligation
Petition to Adopt
Request for Appointment
Petition (consent for personal information)
Two facilitator powers of attorney
Two spouse powers of attorney
Two Interpol affidavit letters

According to our adoption agent, if everything continues to at the whiz-bang progress  that it is, we are looking at going overseas in mid-October.  Amazing, right?

On the funding front, we have sold items from our home, jewelry my wife inherited from her mom, and collectibles, including old coins.  We are gathering items for a yard sale (our own and things from friends and coworkers) we plan to have in either late August or early September.  We'll keep everyone abreast of when it actually takes place in case anyone wants to come by and support us.

We have been and are currently researching and applying for grants.  

As previously noted, we are now on Indiegogo.  Here is the link for our account on that site:

Thanks to those who have donated either through that site or through the donation button on this blog.    

The overall adoption will cost us at least $26,000.

Your continued support and prayers are greatly needed and appreciated.

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