Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Latest Update On Where We Are In The Process

"So, where are you guys in this adoption now?"

This is a question we get frequently, so I'll give you, loyal readers, the scoop.

Our dossier is currently being translated into Ukrainian.

We're still waiting for our I-600A to be assigned and reviewed.  Nothing moves like the government.

Still going through our stuff to find items for the yard sale.  We have been blessed to have others who have donated items for the yard sale, which is on Saturday, September 15th for anyone interested.  Come by.  Come buy.  And support a great cause.  All of the money we raise goes towards the adoption.

In regards to Indiegogo, we have only 57 days left to raise the money on that site.  We have $250 of the $1,500 goal set for that site.  To contribute, go to:

For those who have donated either through that site or this one, we are very much like Wilbur in Charlotte's Web: one humble pig.  Okay, well, maybe just the humble part.

I have currently begun working on the Lifebook.  Anyone who's created one of their own, please feel free to send me suggestions on what you did for yours.

Also, we would welcome any suggestions from people who've adopted internationally to know what small gifts you took to the orphanage?

Thank you to all those who are following us throughout this amazing, emotional roller-coaster of a journey.  Your love, prayers, and encouragement have meant a lot to our family.

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