Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I'd Like To Introduce My Sibling To

Today we have a guest blogger, our son Benjamin.

When thinking about having a new sibling, I get very excited.  There are so many things and places I want to show him or her.  One of the first places I really want to take my new sibling to is Myrtle Beach to see my Granddad Bob.  I love him very much and I know my sibling will, too.  I also think it will be exciting because my new sibling may not have ever seen the ocean before or swam in it.  I can teach my sibling how to boogie board in the waves.  We can also swim in the pool near Granddad Bob's house.

Another place I'd like to take my new sibling to is the Japanese restaurant Fuji.  Whenever I think about eating there, I think about how we go there with my Aunt Kristen, Uncle Amir, and my cousins.  We always have a fun time together.  And I like watching the chef put on a show preparing the food, especially the onion volcano.

Somewhere else I'd like to take my new sibling to is Radio Shack.  I love going there to see all of the cool things they have that I could make some new invention with.  I also like talking to the clerks about technology.

One thing I would like to teach my new sibling is about computers.  I love to work with computers.  I'm trying to learn how to program computers and develop an operating system.  I can also show my sibling fun websites to play on, like Poptropica.  I would even be willing to share my computer with him or her.  Sometimes.

I will love introducing my sibling to Chloe because she is such a good dog.  She is loving and will want to sit in his or her lap.  Chloe will lick them.  I will even let Chloe sleep in their bed some nights.  We can take turns.

I want my new sibling to meet my friends Shane, Abby, and J.D.  I'm sure they'd be friends with my sibling, too.

I would like to teach him or her English and have my sibling teach me Ukrainian.  It would be interesting to learn another language.

It will be so much fun to have a new sibling because there will be so much we can do together.  And I wonder what he or she will be able to introduce me to?

One thing I'd really like to give my new sibling is a hug to show him or her how much I love them.

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  1. Benjamin is going to be a great brother! What wonderful ideas!