Monday, September 10, 2012

A Short Review of Patricia MachLachlan's Baby

What would you do if a baby was left on you doorstep with a note from the mother asking you to take care of her baby with the understanding she would come back for her one day?

This is the story behind Patricia MacLachlan's slender novel Baby.  Despite the shortness of the book's size, it is far from short on its emotional effect on the reader.  Reading the story, I got to know the selfless love of the protagonist  Larkin's family and care for them as they grow attached to baby Sophie.  And I found that I was asking myself if I could be so selfless as to take in a child whose mother will be coming back for her?

MachLachlan writes a beautifully powerful story as the family not only comes to love this new baby but to deal with the loss of their own nameless one.

Now I'll admit that I'm an old softy who has teared up reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Little Women (the death of Beth gets me every time, especially in the most recent film adaptation of it with Wynona Ryder), so I'll man up and admit that as this novel came to its conclusion, I found myself choked up.

I highly recommend Baby, especially to anyone considering fostering a child.  And I promise you, this story will write itself on your heart.

Thanks to Cristy for recommending this lovely, lyrical book.

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