Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yard Sale Exhaustion

All the way up until today, we have been getting donations for our adoption fund yard sale.  We started putting items in boxes in our guest bedroom and when that room became full, we began putting boxes into our living room.  By Friday night, we couldn't move in either room.  Needless to say, we were ready for this yard sale to come so that we could clear out and clean up those packed rooms.

The ads we placed on Craig's List and in the local paper both stated that the yard sale began at 8 am.  But who listens to ads?  Certainly not bargain hunters looking for that amazing find that they could buy cheap and then discover that it was a lost piece of art by one of the Impressionist painters or something else that would turn up on Antique's Roadshow to be a major find worth thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  They wouldn't.

By 7 am, we were beginning to haul boxes out of our house and set up tables and, as we were, those die-hard yard sale shoppers were already milling about our front yard and sifting through boxes of items we hadn't set out on the tables yet.

This was our biggest yard sale (in terms of items for sale) thanks to all the wonderful people who donated.

Benjamin was thrilled we were having the yard sale because he wanted to be our "barker" to draw in the crowds.  When we told him it wouldn't be polite to be yelling out so early in the morning, he was disappointed until we said he could be our security patrolling about to make sure no one shoplifted.  His face lit up and he asked, "Does that mean I get a taser?"  What he was really good at was showing kids the toys that were for sale and promoting different features on items or demonstrating how something worked.

And it's true about one man's trash being another man's treasure because it never fails to amaze me how items I wouldn't take a second glance at were snatched up while other, much nicer items, were not.  This is always the case at every yard sale we've ever had.  As the person's paying me, I always want to ask, "Really?  You want this?"  But I refrain because a sale's a sale!

It always cracks me up how you can mark an item cheaply and, yet, someone will still try to haggle with you to get a better deal.  "How much is this?"  "Fifty cents."  "I'll give you a quarter."

When people found out what the money from the yard sale was going to, a few refrained from taking the change from their purchases by telling us, "Consider it a donation."  Others asked us about the adoption and there were even a couple who had adopted and talked to us about their experience.

Once noon rolled around, we sorted the items to keep for another yard sale and those designated for Goodwill.  Then we hauled boxes back to our garage.  I think it was harder hauling these fewer boxes than it was bringing out all of the items this morning.

Still, we were glad when it was over and for the money we raised for the adoption.  Thanks to those of you who turned out.  Now, I'm going to take a nap.

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