Sunday, October 28, 2012

Read All About It! Our Latest News

For anyone who's never undertaken the roller-coaster of emotions that an international adoption can be, here's where we stand in the process (Make sure you're taking notes, a quiz will be given later):

We received word that our dossier had gotten a "soft" return (Trust me, it didn't feel soft).  This meant that the SDA had found a minor, technical error in one of our documents and had returned them to our Ukranian facilitator. Word was passed on to us, that we would have to get 7 documents redone (Why seven when only one had to be corrected?), notarized (again), and apostilled (again).

Danelle and I got 6 of them notarized at our bank on the Thursday after we had gotten this news on Wednesday.  The 7th document (my letter of employment verification) Danelle would drive up to Raleigh to get from my boss, which they had notarized, and then Danelle made a mad dash to the State Capital to the Secretary of State's office to have all of them apostilled.  She got up very early and left at 3:30 am to get all of this accomplished.  God and a lot of coffee got her through this whiz-bang of a day.  Then she rushed back from Raleigh to Charlotte to meet another couple who were flying out to Kiev on Saturday.  Thankfully, they flew out before "Frankenstorm" could affect flights on the East Coast.

They took our documents to our Ukrainian facilitator, who will now translate them into Ukrainian and resubmit them to the SDA on Wednesday (which is the day dossiers can be submitted for the age range we are looking to adopt in).

Both our American and Ukrainian facilitators were amazed that we, mostly Danelle, had gotten all of this accomplished in so short a time.  They don't know Danelle real well as she is efficient and task oriented.  When she sets her mind to getting something done, she does.

So now, those documents are with our Ukrainian facilitator and we do what we were doing before - waiting.

We are praying that now this dossier will get reviewed promptly and we will soon receive our invitation over.  

It can be so easy to be impatient when all we are wanting is to bring our child home.  Certainly we were frustrated (to put it mildly) by a minor technicality delaying a trip that we were awaiting with such hope and expectations; but the fact of the matter is, that we have always prayed that this process would unfold according to God's will. So even this seemingly small bureaucratic matter is still part of God's plan and purpose for this adoption.  We believe that He may have done this because the child we are supposed to adopt won't be available until that time.  Or it may be for another reason that we don't yet know.  What we do know is that God is in control and that our faith and trust is in Him.

Our family continues to thank all of you for your prayers, encouragement, and love.

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