Monday, October 15, 2012

While I'm Waiting

Since we are in that waiting period of the adoption, I found myself again touched by how God can speak to me through a song.  This one was, appropriately enough, "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller.  As if to really drive the point home, I was listening to 98.3 FM His Radio this morning and was about to change the station when I felt God tell me, "No.  I want you to keep listening."  So I did.

Lo & behold, Rob Dempsey & Leslie Nease interviewed John Waller.  He spoke about his song "While I'm Waiting," as well as about the fact that he and his family are about to adopt from Ukraine.  John told of how God spoke to him in a dream and said he was to adopt a girl named "Anna."  His family ended up hosting a 10 year old girl from Ukraine named Anna and her older brother, who's 15, named Max.  Through the process of hosting these two kids for the summer, they fell in love with them and decided to adopt them both; adding to their family of 5 kids.  John and his wife will be travelling to Ukraine in December to adopt Anna and Max.

Hearing his story and listening to this song makes me amazed that a God who created the universe would take the time to speak to me and encourage me so much.  Our God truly is an awesome God!

Here's a video for "While I'm Waiting."  Hopefully it speaks to those of you who are waiting and gives you encouragement.

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