Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips For Anyone Adopting From Ukraine

Here are some tips for anyone planning on adopting or in the process of adopting from Ukraine.  These tips are especially relevant to anyone doing a "blind" adoption (meaning that they aren't planning to adopt a child they had hosted).

- Check, double check, and triple check everything in your dossier!  The SDA will go through all of your dossier with a fine-tooth-comb

- When you finally get your invitation for your appointment, have in mind what age child you would like to adopt.  The SDA has a binder for each age.  You only have 1 hour to go through it to pick a child, so it's best to decide an age before your meeting.  If you don't, and you tell them a range you are looking for (say a girl between the ages of 8 -10 years old), they will pull out three separate binders for you to go through.  
Sometimes they pull various files for you to look through, but, typically, they just pull out a binder and thumb through it to find referrals for you to look at.

- Once you choose a child, your translator or social worker can call the orphanage or district to see if they can find out more information about the child.  Sometimes they can, but not always. The information you will get at the SDA appointment will be very limited.  You will find out more of the specifics on the child you've chosen when you sit down with the orphanage director, teacher, and the nurse.

- Some people find that the first referral does not work out and they have to go back to Kiev for another appointment.  It is important to get back to Kiev as quickly as possible so that you can start the process of requesting a second appointment.  It generally takes 3-5 work days to get your next appointment.  The SDA only does appointments on Mondays and Wednesday.

- If you are wanting to adopt from Ukraine, you must get your dossier in by the end of November 2012.  If you don't, then you have to wait until February 2013 when they begin accepting them again.  If you can't get your dossier in by then end of November, definitely make sure that the 6-months term of your documents don't expire in February of next year.

- Before you meet with the SDA, know exactly what you and your family is willing to take on in terms of ages, mental and physical disabilities. Also decide ahead of time on whether or not you are willing to adopt siblings.  With the latter, Ukraine has laws that doesn't allow for the separation of siblings.  Sibling groups are in a separate binder from single children available for adoption.

- You will have an easier time adopting older children than those under the age of 7.

Since we are currently waiting on our invitation over, these tips are definitely helpful in our preparing ourselves for our first appointment with the SDA.  We would like to thank those readers who sent in these tips since this is valuable information and can be hard to come by even on the internet.

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  1. Thanks so much for these wonderful tips! We have a friend from Ukraine who advised regarding our adoption plans that it’d be nice if we adopted a Ukrainian kid for they are very cute. The process won't be that hard because of these helpful tips!

    Aiko Dumas