Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

Since this is National Adoption Month, here are some ways you can help to create more awareness about it:

- Contact your local library.  Ask them to read a story about adoption when they have their weekly story time.  

- Plan a neighborhood fund raiser to donate the proceeds to a non-profit foundation.

- Promote awareness of adoption within your place of worship.

- Use the resources at websites like the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to print up flyers to put up in your workplace, local library, or other sites that have local events bulletin boards.

- Collect clothing for local orphanages.

- During Thanksgiving with your family, take time to pray for those kids in orphanages and the foster care system.

- If you've created a Lifebook, offer to hold a class on creating one at your local library or place of worship. For more information about Lifebooks, go to:

- Provide respite care for families who are fostering children.  

- Volunteer.  Call your local agency to find out what help they need.  They may need someone to drive foster kids to appointments (dental, medical)

- Donate items to children's homes or foster care agencies.  

- Reach out to families who are fostering or have adopted children.

- Donate to organizations like Show Hope, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, The Gift of Adoption Fund, or many other worthy ones.

-  Support the adoption tax credit.  To find out more about how to do this, go to:

There are so many ways you can become involved.  See how you can truly make a difference in the life of a child.

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