Monday, December 10, 2012

A Walk About Kiev

After lunch, we left our Stalinist-era apartment and took a walk about Independence Square in Kiev.  Despite the temperature being 30 degrees and snow everywhere, it doesn't feel as cold as if we were in winter back home.  While there, we also went to the underground mall, which was very, very nice and very expensive.  Danelle just shook her head when I got excited to see a paperback copy of Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita in a book kiosk.  Spotting an exclusively Hello Kitty store, I took a photo of it for my niece, Bethany.  There was a doughnut stand and Benjamin begged us to buy him one so he could try his "first Ukrainian chocolate doughnut with sprinkles" (his favorite kind at Krispy Kreme back home).

Here are some of the photos:

Danelle & Benjamin
Benjamin & I
The entrance to the underground mall
This photo is for you, Bethany.
Benjamin in front of the angel Michael

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