Thursday, December 20, 2012

Masha & The Bear

Ever since we found out that Cava's favorite movie is "Masha and the Bear," we have been watching clips of it on YouTube.  Apparently, it was a movie and is now on TV.  Originally based on a Russian folk tale, this animated show is about Masha and her friend Mishka, a large bear.  Even though we cannot understand the language, our family fell in love with this adorable and wonderfully animated character.  Of course we can't help but see a correlation to our own little mischief maker who gets into everything.

Right now we are trying to track down any toys or books so that we can give them to Cava for Christmas when we, hopefully, see him next week before court.

Here's a sample episode of the show:
I have a feeling that Benjamin and Cava will be a lot like Masha and the Panda Bear in the cartoon.


  1. Our daughter, adopted from Russia, also fell in love with the Masha cartoons. If you're interested, you can find DVDs (and other things) for sale on eBay, and to a lesser extent on Amazon. Search for "Masha i Medved," and (if you're getting a DVD) make sure it will play in the USA rather than Russia.

    1. I didn't know if URLs get stripped off or not, so I added another reply. Here's an example from eBay: