Monday, December 10, 2012

Meeting With The SDA

This morning we arose at 7am, ate breakfast, and got ourselves ready for our 10 am appointment with the SDA.  After hurrying about, our family paused so that we could have a short Bible study and a prayer.  At 9:45 we got a call from one of our facilitators, Luda, who we  met outside and walked with her 6 blocks to the building where the SDA is, a nondescript wooden door on the side of a building.  Sveta, our other facilitator, met us there. 

We waited downstairs until our name was called, then we followed Sveta into the small office where there was a desk, some bookshelves with binders, a couch, and a table.  On the wall behind the couch we sat on were two posters with numerous photos of children, on another wall was the Virgin Mary holding the infant Christ, and another had a calendar for Hope for Homes.

After short introductions, the SDA agent asked us to tell her about our family.  Hearing the Readers Digest version, she nodded and then left the room to get the files.  She returned with a few files that she sat on the table before us.  Sveta then read each one and told us about the child.  The majority were boys.  Many had health issues.  There were only 3 girls among them: one with Hepatitis C, one that was being fostered, and the last one had already told 2 previous families that she did not want to be adopted. 

As the SDA agent was flipping through one of the binders with the files in them, Benjamin leaned over and would ask her about the children he saw in them. 

We chose an 8 year old boy.  Sveta told us that he was in "good health and clever."  The orphanage or "boarding school" we will be visiting is a four hour drive and is situated between Kiev and Odessa.

The whole process took around an hour.

Tomorrow, between 4 and 5 pm, we go back to the SDA to pick up our referral letter to the orphanage.  Then we will go to the orphanage and meet the boy on Wednesday.

Here are a few of the photos I took, mostly with our son Benjamin in them.



  1. A boy!!! How wonderful! Continuing to pray.

  2. The Schneiders pray that everything works out as planned. Can't imagine how excited the three of you are!