Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My New Brother by Benjamin Blackwell

This is my new brother Alexander Cava Blackwell (If the adoption works out all together). We are going to call him Cava still. Here are what his favorite things are:

1. Favorite Color: Green
2. Favorite Game: Hiding
3. Favorite Food: Cookies (and other sweets)
4. Favorite Fruit : Apple
5. Favorite Vegetable: Orange (yes I know that is not a vegetable but that's what he said)
6. Favorite TV Show: Sponge Bob
7. Favorite movie: Masha and the Bear (Ukrainian Movie)

Here are some Ukrainian Vocab I learned:
Ukrainian word(Phonetically) | English Word
1.  Nyet                 | No
2. Da                    | Yes
3. Ya Tebbe Aloobloob | I love you
4. Dos vedan ya  | Good Bye
5. Mellodeets | Good Job
6. Eddie Sueday | Come here
7. Scajhey | Say

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