Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Metro & Outdoor Bazaar

On our first day back in Kiev, we were fortunate to have been introduced by the Midkiffs to Wendy Bergstrom.  She and her two girls were kind enough to show us the metro.  Being a bibliophile (a fancy word for a book lover), I had to take a photo of the book stall in the metro.

I tried to find a book of "Masha and the Bear" since it's our new son's favorite movie.  This stall had a calendar and a puzzle but, alas, no books.

Kiev's metro is the first rapid transit system in the Ukraine.  It's also one of the deepest in the world at 346 feet below ground.  Here's a couple of photos of it:


On the metro we rode to a large outdoor market. 

This outdoor bazaar had everything from produce to meats to clothes to flowers to toys to sweets.
Here's a photo of Benjamin spotting a stall full of chocolates and candy.  He is his Papa's son.
Despite not speaking the language, he still managed to finagle a pickle from a woman in one of the stalls.
"Ukrainian pickles are awesome!" he told us as he crunched away on it.
Since it's hard to find fresh produce in the markets, we bought some grapes, oranges, and some vegetables to eat. 
There was also a delicious stand full of dried fruit. 

After we had finished shopping, Benjamin was thrilled that we were going to have lunch at McDonald's.  Danelle and I were just glad to have a great conversation in English with Wendy. 

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