Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Traveling To The Orphanage

Hey everyone!

Don't have much time to write a blog today.  We did get our referral letter and tomorrow we travel to the orphanage early tomorrow morning (4:45 am) to head to a village in between Kiev and Odessa.  This will be a real adventure since we will be staying in the orphanage.  Private room, communal bath.  Since there probably won't be internet, I won't be able to post anything until we get back to Kiev, which (if all goes well) will be Sunday.  Keep us in your prayers as the road conditions are more difficult with all the snow.  Also pray for us as we meet the little boy who may become our son for the first time.

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, and e-mails.  It means a lot to us over here.


  1. Praying for you guys! We had hoped to be in Ukraine this month for our adoption but faced a similar "soft rejection" due to a date error on a form, which set us back. Can't wait for you to meet your boy, and I truly hope everything continues to go smoothly.

  2. Sending prayers your way! This is neat reading your blog. Enjoy these unique moments of life as a family.