Monday, January 14, 2013

Cava At The Mall

Today Danelle and Cava went with Wendy Bergstrom and her adorable daughter Niya to the Ocean Plaza Mall in Kiev.  For those who are going to Kiev and need a mall with an indoor playground, Ocean Plaza is located on the crossing of Velyka Vasylkivska Street, Horkoho Street, and Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard. It is not far from Lybidska metro stop.  This mall is the second biggest in Kiev after "Dream Town" in Obolon. Ocean Plaza has over 300 shops and 30 cafes, as well as 10,000 square meter super market. Sorry, didn't mean to sound so much like an ad for them.

Along with an indoor playground (which was unfortunately closed today), they have a 16-meter long panorama aquarium with over 1,00 sea creatures in it.

Cava was fascinated with all of the sea life, especially the shark.  We will definitely have to take him to Fintastic Aquariums in Charlotte.

Cava and Niya had a great time together, as did Danelle and Wendy.  They plan to meet up again tomorrow for more adventures.  Wendy rocks!

Even more exciting than the shark in the aquarium, Cava got his first ride in the metro.

Later, when I Skyped with them. Cava was more interested in cartoons on TV than he was talking to me, especially once he saw that his brother Benjamin wasn't here with me.

At one point, while I am communicating to Danelle with my trusty dry erase board, Cava, who's lying in her bed watching cartoons, starts to cry.  Danelle immediately goes into mommy mode and goes over to comfort him.  I started tearing up (surprise, surprise) watching her hold him, kiss his little face, and soothe him.  It was a true portrait of a mother comforting her son.

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