Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cava Goes To The Doctor

Today we took Cava to Benjamin's pediatrician for a physical before we enroll him in school.  He is 46" tall and a little over 45 pounds.  Our friend, Yulia Helm, came to help translate, which was a really big help since Cava had to have 2 shots and a PPD test (For the record, he didn't even flinch.  He did love the band-aids the nurse put on the spots where he got the shots). Here is a photo Cava took of her with my iPod:

After examining him the doctor said Cava appeared to be in good health, which we were thankful to hear.

Whenever the doctor was out of the room, Yulia would look through Cava's medical transcripts, which are in Russian. Here is the photo Cava took:

She told us that Cava had been born prematurely, that he sat up at 7 months, and was walking at around a year and a half. It was amazing to hear what the doctors had written about my son and to know a little more about his history.

I am indebted to Yulia for taking time out of her day to come and help us. Cava definitely enjoys talking to her and snapping her photo. He smiles whenever he talks to her.  Today he told her that he wants to go to school like his brother Benjamin.  That's great because it's our next adventure on Monday when we go to  school to enroll him.

So, to Yulia, we both say a great big:


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