Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cava Sledding

Today, Danelle and Cava got to spend time with our friends the Bergstroms.  I am so glad Danelle has this lifeline.  They went to the Bergstrom's for lunch where they had soup containing lentils with meat bundles (Cava liked those).  After lunch they all went sledding, which he loved and was very good at. Perhaps we have a future Olympic bobsledder as well as gymnast?

Chris Bergstrom (who speaks some Ukrainian) told Cava about their dog Maria and Cava told him, "I have a dog named Chloe." That made Benjamin so happy that his brother is already thinking of Chloe his.  It's so amazing to see his heart change from not wanting to share "his" dog to telling me, "Chloe is so lucky.  Now she will have two beds that she can sleep on."   

They lent Danelle some matching games, one that was like Concentration with pictures, and he did very well at them once he got the hang of it.  

She's also been using Lang-o-learn Cards that we bought at The Teacher's Box.  The cards have the English word with a picture but also the word in other languages, including Russian.  She fixed popcorn and made a game of these cards so that when Cava got them he got popcorn (something he loves).  

When he's not doing somersaults and flips on the bed, he's watching cartoons.  One of the shows that he loves to watch is "Tom & Jerry."  The apartment we were in gets the network Boomerang and it shows lots of old cartoons, especially "Tom & Jerry."  He also likes "Ben 10," which he says is his brother.

He's very proud of his "Cars" backpack, so Danelle showed Cava the photo of his new bed that I'd posted on the blog.  Cava was so happy that he had a "Cars" bed that he kissed the screen (So thank you again, Brices).  When we Skyped with them today (still using the dry erase board to communicate), Cava kept showing us his backpack and telling us, "Lightning McQueen!  Lightning McQueen!"

Tomorrow, they are going over to the Bergstrom's again and then going to a mall that has an indoor playground.

I cannot thank them enough for their friendship.

I am so glad to see Danelle and Cava bonding as mother and son.  I love to see their smiling faces and cannot wait until I can see them here at home.  

Saw this quote and could not help but post it because it's so true as I witnessed this between her and Benjamin and now between her and Cava:

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