Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Odessa To Kiev

As I'd blogged about previously about Odessa, here's Cava and Danelle on the famed Potemkin Steps. I love seeing him in his new clothes. 

Before going to Odessa, they went to the village, which Danelle said was much bigger than a village and more like a city, where Cava was born.  They got his birth certificate before heading to Odessa.  Since he was born in the Odessa region, they had to go to the city of Odessa to apply for Cava's passport.  They spent the night in Odessa and returned to Kiev on Friday, which is around a 7 hour drive. I can only imagine how fun that was with an 8 year old boy.  Hopefully my iPod entertained him some since I downloaded some games that listed Ukrainian as one of the languages they could be set for, as well as downloaded a "Masha and the Bear" album and two "Masha and the Bear" apps. We also had gotten him a small Doodle Pro and some other items that are great for kids to entertain themselves with while traveling.   

They will stay in Kiev until they get the passport and then they can apply for Cava's Visa and have his physical done. I know she's already been e-mailed by the Midkiffs and the Bergstroms, the two families we met over there, so hopefully she and Cava will get to spend some time with them. 

Continue to keep Danelle and Cava in your prayers during this time.  I know Benjamin and I are just ready for the two of them to come home.  

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