Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Things Ready For Cava

Marty and Angela Bradshaw were extremely generous in giving us a single bed for Cava.  After rearranging some furniture in Benjamin's room, he and I put it together. Despite the stereotypes of men not reading the instructions first, we, not being handy men, did.

From there, we proceeded.  I held up the headboard and the rails while he screwed in the bolts to the barrel nuts (Hey, that sounds very Bob Vila of us!)

Here is the completed bed.  And, despite what Danelle thought would happen, Benjamin and I didn't argue once. Benjamin is clearly proud of his handiwork.

As if the bed wasn't a generous enough gift, the awesome Bradshaws also bought a mattress for it.  To further prove the awesomeness of our friends and Parkwood, Ryan and Cristy Brice gave us the really cool Cars sheets and comforter.  

We just know that Cava is going to love his new bed and we are sure that he would tell both the Bradshaws and the Brices, "Дякую." (Thank you!)

Back when we had our yard sale, Danelle's boss gave her a bookshelf that was his daughter's for us to sell.  Since it didn't sell, we decided to use it for the playroom.  Of course, it would need some repainting for two boys because as Benjamin said, "It's too girly."

So I went to Home Depot and bought some bright blue paint and we repainted the bookshelf and added some Toy Story decals.

Benjamin's been a big help getting things ready for when his brother gets here.

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  1. The room looks awesome! I love that Benjamin is so excited and helpful. My stepson has been very indifferent about the whole process until very recently (we are leaving in a week). He's not coming with us, but suddenly everything is VERY real to him and he's getting excited.