Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gifts For Cava

In the ten days we have before Danelle returns with Cava, I have been hunting down items that Cava can appreciate now coming over to a country where he doesn't speak the language.  Since he can speak and read both Ukrainian and Russian, I found a copy of Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who in Russian (Slon Khorton i gorod ktotov) on Amazon.  Now we can read the version in English and he can read along in Russian.

They also have a Russian edition of Horton Hatches An Egg.

For a larger selection of dual-language books (in both Russian and English), I discovered a site called Language Lizard.  Here's the link for it:
Danelle's Aunt Debra was kind enough to order a couple of the titles for us.

Since Cava loves Masha and the Bear or (Masha i Meved), I found a DVD that plays on American DVD players but is in Russian at a website called Adopted From Russia.  Here's the link:

Thanks to Teresa and Andy for their suggestions on where to find other Masha and the Bear items (such as eBay).  They have a blog about adopting their daughter Elena from Russia.  Here's a link to their blog:

Also, for those of you who've asked, you can find an English-dubbed version of Masha and the Bear on YouTube.  I prefer the Russian version because I really like the girl's voice who does the original Russian cartoons.  She is far more expressive than the girl who did the American version.

Another great site (and I really wish this store was closer to us) is International Toys.  They have books in Russian and Ukrainian.  This store also has Masha and the Bear toys.  Here's the link to their site:

We are going to work hard to try and help Cava keep his ability to speak and read Ukrainian and Russian.  As we teach him English, I hope to learn those languages from him.

If you've adopted a child from either Ukraine or Russia and know of any other great websites we should know about, please let us know.

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