Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Returning For Our Son

I can't believe the day is here for my wife to return to Ukraine so she can pick up our son, Cava.  A plus to the brevity between us getting back to the U.S. and her leaving (other than getting Cava) is that she won't have to readjust to the time difference because she wasn't here long enough to get back into the swing of our time zone.

On Sunday, at the end of our church service, we went down to the altar to pray for Danelle, her flight, and her time with Cava.  Many of our friends came up and prayed for us.  During this time, this thought came to me: Danelle brought our first son into this world and now she is bringing our new son into our lives.

This will be the longest that Danelle and I won't be together and it will be an adjustment for Benjamin and I without her. Even though she and I can be so different (she is practical and grounded, while I often tend to be in my own little world), we balance each other out and it's that complementing of each other that makes us better parents and a couple.  And, as Benjamin will attest, she's a great Mom. This is something Cava will get to experience in his time with her before they return to the States.

I saw this on Adoption in Ukraine and thought it was apropos:

We will definitely miss Danelle while she's gone but we know that this is all part of God's plan.  I know that this time she will have with just her and Cava will be a time for them to forge a strong bond of mother and child. She will also get to share in many firsts with him: his first time in a city (he has spent all of his life in orphanages in small villages), wearing his very own new clothes, or his first time on an airplane (Does he even have a concept of a plane?  I know while we were there in the boarding school, we never heard or saw a plane fly overhead). She will get to share in so many new experiences with him (all of which she will share with me and I will share with you).  I am excited for this opportunity she will get to have with our new son (and a tad bit jealous, too),  but, mostly, I will just miss having my best friend around.  

Please be in prayer for her as she flies out today at 5:30 pm and for the 10 days she will be in Ukraine. Pray for safe travels and for this time she will have with Cava.  

I know I can't wait to hear about how God has used this time between mother and son.

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