Monday, January 21, 2013

Soccer, KFC, & Meeting Family

When we arrived at our house, Cava recognized it from the photo album we gave him at the boarding school. As soon as we pulled up into the driveway, he pointed excitedly and exclaimed, "Cavas' дома."  (Cava's home).  For dinner, I fixed him kielbasa, green beans, and carrots.  He ate all but the green beans, which he doesn't like.  Cava also ate a banana and some yogurt.

Being at his new home was like Disney Land and Christmas all wrapped in one. Cava had to explore every room and he was fascinated by not only the toys but by an old cell phone of ours that didn't work any more. He has to carry "Cava's telephone" with him every where.  He will put the phone in his pocket and take it out every so often.  Sometimes he pretends he's checking the time, other times he pretends to snap our photo and he even makes the "click" sound, and he also pretends to talk on it. When he's talking, he will hold up his hand to me as if to let me know that he's not to be disturbed because he's taking an important phone call.

More than any of the toys, Cava loved our dog Chloe.  Poor Chloe, her paws have barely touched the ground because Cava is always wanting to carry his "Собака."  Chloe is always "Собака" but, when he watched an episode of "Blues Clues" with Benjamin, he referred to Blue as "dog."

I am extremely glad I bought the "Masha and the Bear" DVD for him because he is constantly wanting to watch it.  Although he did watch some of "Cars" and episodes of "Gerald McBoing Boing."  When he watches "Masha i Medved" whenever the music plays at the beginning or the end of each episode, he waves his hands like he's conducting an orchestra.  If I'm watching with him, he either has to sit in my lap or right next to me with my arm around him.  If I'm not watching with him, when the episode ends, he has to come and find me to tell me what happened. He always does this with a big grin on his face, a laugh, and very animated hands.  Benjamin asked me, "Do you even know what he's saying to you?"  "No," I replied, "but it's obvious that he's happy and that makes me happy."

That first night, by 8:30 everyone but me was fast asleep in bed.

As if to let us know that having a new member in our family will be an adjustment for all of us, Cava woke up at 5:46 am.

Around noon, my dad and his girlfriend, Yvette, came up for a visit.

Yvette brought Cava a soccer ball. We played with him for around a half hour.  It's funny but we have a kickball that Benjamin tried to get Cava to kick but he wouldn't, but when he had a real soccer ball then he would.

After playing for awhile, everyone worked up an appetite.  Knowing that Cava liked eating chicken legs, we went to KFC for lunch.  My sister and her youngest daughter, Bethany, met us there.  Cava took an instant shine to Bethany and he flirted with her much of the time. She got him to dip his fries and chicken leg in honey mustard. He loved the chicken, the biscuits, but not mashed potatoes or, to Benjamin's horror, the Mac & Cheese.

From there we drove to Martha Rivers Park or, as Benjamin calls it, "The castle park." Like Benjamin and all of my nieces and nephews have, Cava loved this playground. His favorite was the swings, which he had me push him on.

I guess he loved the swings so much because the playground at his boarding school didn't have any. But he and his big brother had fun playing hide n go seek, climbing, sliding, and just getting their energy out (of which Cava has enough to run a power plant).

The adults sat and talked while they played, but when Cava finally came over, he sat down next to his Aunt Kristen who, like a good aunt, made over him.

She also let him play on her smart phone.  And what did he want to do? Watch "Masha i Medved" on YouTube.

For dinner we had one of our family's favorites - breakfast.  Cava loved his scrambled eggs and sausage links.  

By 8 pm, we had started watching "Once Upon a Time," something we do every Sunday night.  Cava didn't come in to watch and he was real quiet, so I got up to check on him.  He was in bed asleep. Tuckered out by a fun and exhausting day.  Of course, he then proceeded to wake up at 5 am.  We have to get his internal clock in sync with our time zone!



  1. What a perfect day :) Cava looks sooooooo happy!!!

  2. Keep the pictures and stories coming! We are having a great time seeing Cava experience so many new things. I love his excitement!

  3. Great stories! It's always exciting to see someone experience something wonderful for the first time. And sometimes it takes that other person's experience to demonstrate just how wonderful that something (that we take for granted) really is.