Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spending Time With Benjamin

One of the ways God has blessed me is by giving me this one on one time with Benjamin while Danelle is in Ukraine with our son Cava.  Amidst all the swirl and hubbub and excitement surrounding Cava's coming home, I want Benjamin to not get lost and feel like he's not as important as our new child.  Some of the ways I  am showing him how special he is to me is by fixing him some of his favorite meals (such as Mac and Cheese), watching shows and movies that he loves to watch, playing Night-vision Hide N Go seek with him at night (one of his favorite games), or Lego Star Wars, and I also listen to him talk about science and computers because that's two things he is passionate about.

He got a lot of science equipment that he'd ordered using his Christmas money and it arrived on Monday, so we've been doing lots of experiments.  I was Igor to his Doctor Frankenstein. Of course, before I got to help him in the "lab," I had to watch a lab safety video on YouTube first.  I guess that doesn't really make us "mad" scientists.

One thing both Danelle and I have tried to do is to continue to foster his love of science.  Who knows, maybe we have a future Nobel Prize winner on our hands?

Last Friday, I chaperoned his drama class' field trip to see the movie Les Miserables. (As a side note, I couldn't help but think of Cava when Jean Valjean sings "Suddenly" to a sleeping Cosette, whom he's just adopted as his own, "Never more alone / Never more apart / You have warmed my heart like the sun . . .").

Chaperoning his school field trips is something I've always tried to do when I could, even if it meant I would be going down a zip line:

And, for the record, yes, I am not a big fan of heights! ("Think Spiderman!  Think Spiderman!" I kept telling myself).

Spending time with him is something I will continue to do because I enjoy being with Benjamin. One of the things I cherish most about my Mom was how she would do that with either my sister or myself.  Just take time with that one child, doing something they enjoyed, and sharing in their life and their interests.

I want him to understand that he is and always will be a priority for me. He is important.  He is special to me.

One thing Danelle and I have agreed to do is to tag team the boys so that each of them gets one-on-one time with each of us.

By spending time with just Benjamin and listening to him, I, hopefully, will help him make the transition from being an only child to a big brother that much easier.

There really is nothing like the bond between a Papa and his son.

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