Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday School & Spiderman

Since today is Sunday, we went to church. Like everything, Danelle and I decided to tag team it. Danelle chose going with Cava to his Sunday school class and I would deal with him come the main church service. I thought for sure I would be taking a bullet, but such was not the case. Cava lasted about an hour in Sunday school before Danelle had to walk with him for the rest of the time. He had to look in all the classes and had to say "hello" to everyone he passed. When the growth group that Danelle and I go to was over, she brought Cava in. All of the people in our group, who had followed this blog, were thrilled to finally meet him. I wish I could say Cava was on his best behavior, but he was too fascinated with the dry erase board. He did like seeing Yulia again (we had dinner at their house last night) and talking with her.

We ran into a good many of the families from our Adoption Foster Care Group and all were delighted to meet Cava, welcome Danelle back, and to see how we all of us are doing with the new adjustments. It's so cool to finally have him here when we have been talking about him (even long before we knew him) in the Adoption Foster Care Group.

Normally we sit in the balcony, but today, we decided to sit on the lower level on the back room, so that it would be easier if I had to take Cava out.  During praise and worship, I held Cava some of the time. At one point, he tried to sing along. Then our pastor took the podium to preach and Cava entertained himself with a "Cars" sticker and coloring book - for awhile. When that book no longer held his interest, Cava took turns laying on either Benjamin or myself.

Once out of church, the madness began as he darted about the lobby amidst the crowd in an attempt to see everything. I got him outside where he ran and laughed about with Benjamin.

With all of his energy, we knew we had to get him outside to play and we drove him to a nearby school that Benjamin had gone to.  There we all had to play "Spiderman," his favorite superhero. Here is the web-slinger hanging from his web:

And here he is being cornered by the bad guys high above the city:

After a fun time on the playground, Danelle and I tag-teamed again.  I spent some time with Benjamin. He had some Christmas money burning a hole in his pocket, so we went to his "toy" store (Radio Shack). As usual, he looked through all of the drawers with components, integrated circuits, and motors. The assistant manager was glad to see him and inquired what new project Benjamin was working on. I love to see how happy it makes Benjamin to talk about what he loves. Even though Radio Shack isn't my favorite place to browse, I took the time to ask Benjamin about different items he was looking at, which Benjamin was more than happy to tell me what they were for. Even though I didn't know what he was talking about, I didn't care, I just liked spending time with my elder son.  

On the way home, I asked Benjamin if he was jealous of Cava.  "Some," he replied, "but it's not too bad." I told him that I knew it had to be hard on him since he'd been our only child for so long. We began to talk about it and how Danelle and I never wanted him to feel forgotten or overlooked. I also told him how much I loved talking to him and it was one of the things I missed most about our drives to and from school (since Cava so often wants Benjamin's attention). As I've written before, Danelle and I are making a conscience decision to make sure that one of us is spending time with Benjamin and one with Cava. 

The first week is now over. It's hard to believe Cava has been with us only one week. I'm amazed at how well he's adjusting to being a part of his new family. Watching all of us interact with one another makes me see how God has truly blessed me and I'm thankful for the new and improved family He's given me.

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