Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Official Citizen!


Cava's Certificate of Citizenship came in the mail yesterday afternoon! He is now an official citizen of the United States of America.

I must admit, when I took this document out of the envelope and saw it for the first time, I choked up (Surprise, surprise, right?).

It's so amazing how at this very time last year, we weren't even considering adoption and now we have a new son. Or how we didn't even know Cava and he didn't know us but now he is part of our family and we love him dearly. Simply because we took a step out in faith to go where God had called us, He blessed us with an 8 year old boy. Overwhelming is the only word for it. People are constantly telling us how "amazing" we are for adopting him, but the fact of the matter is, we aren't. God is! He not only adopted us into his family but He gave us Cava, too.

Cava was living in a small village that we had never even heard of a year ago. And yet, God guided us to that village and to a little boy who was desperately in need of a loving family. Until the moment we met, neither our family nor Cava had even known that the other existed. All it took was that one moment to have my wife tell me that we couldn't leave him behind and my son to tell me that Cava was his brother for me to say, "We are adopting this child." God had opened our hearts to this small boy. He continues to work on us and on Cava as we continue to grow closer as a family.

Cava called us "Mama" and "Papa" from that first full day together and he is slowly learning to understand what that fully means.

Getting this certificate of citizenship is just another piece in the puzzle of his truly being ours forever.

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