Monday, February 4, 2013

Cava Goes To The Dentist

Today, Cava went to the dentist for (possibly) the first time. Unlike his medical background, we know nothing of Cava's dental past. I knew going into this visit, that he had at least one really bad cavity because we saw it when he went to the doctor's.

Although he was upset with me that he wasn't going to school until after the dentist. "No dentist! School!" Yeah, this was going to be fun!

To show him what a dentist was, I pulled out our Ukrainian picture dictionary (put out by Dorling Kindersley and was given to us by our friends the Midkiffs). I opened it up to the pages that showed a "Зубний лікар" (dentist) who was checking a patient's "Зуби" (teeth).

Another thing that helped him was watching a video on YouTube about a child's first trip to the dentist. As we watched the video together, Cava would point and speak as if he recognized what they were doing. He also pointed to a couple of his teeth, so it made me wonder if he was letting me know about his cavities.

Unlike our first visit to the pediatrician, I didn't have our friend Yulia to help translate this one, so I was a bit nervous about how this one would go.

Once we arrived, I signed in and, like Benjamin when he was younger, Cava instantly went and sat on the rocking train to watch Nick Jr in the lobby while we waited for him to be called back.

Once Cava's name was called, the hygienist took us to a small room where we watched a video about Geena Giraffe's first visit to the dentist. Along with brushing and flossing, the cartoon also promoted fruits and vegetables as a better snack alternative to sweets, but Cava wasn't buying into that at all. He shook his hand and said, "Nyet, nyet!" Yeah, I'll admit that would be a hard sale for me, too.

Once the, thankfully, short video was done, Cava got to have his teeth examined and cleaned.

He was a big fan of the chocolate toothpaste they cleaned his teeth with. How come my dentist doesn't offer me flavors? 

I was amazed at how well Cava did and everyone made over him. Being Cava, he flirted with all of the women there. Maybe that's why he got to pick 2 toothbrushes (Lightning McQueen and Diego) instead of just one. And if the women weren't paying attention to him, he'd go over to a little girl, say, "Hello," and turn on his Cava charm. Yes, I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one as he gets older.

Once he'd had his teeth cleaned and x-ray photos taken of them, he saddled up on ol' Trigger while we waited for the dentist to come and check him out.

After he rode the range for a bit, the dentist came in, checked out his teeth, and looked at the x-rays. As I suspected, there were three teeth that they cannot salvage. These teeth will have to be extracted at some point and have spacers put in place until the grown up teeth come in. The dentist wanted to hold off on doing this because the teeth don't seem to be hurting Cava right now and it would also mean that he'd have to go to the hospital to have them removed. This would also be expensive. 

Yes, I knew it would be dental that would be expensive. 

The appointment took two hours and, by that time, Cava was oh so ready to go. He was not thrilled that we still had to check out, though he was appeased somewhat by getting to pick a sugar free lollipop. When he picked two, I told him, "You can only have one." He nodded and held up a green one. "Benjamin." He then got two of the coins to get prizes for both he and Benjamin. I thought it was sweet of him to remember his big brother. Since the prize machine, which resemble the machines one can buy twenty five cent candy from, didn't have a spider like he got when Benjamin was last here, Cava decided on a necklace for himself and a bouncy ball for Benjamin (I'm sure Benjamin will be relieved to know it wasn't the other way round). 

I was very proud of and pleasantly surprised by how well he did today. Hopefully he will be like his big brother and not mind going to the dentist. I wish I could say the same for myself.

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  1. Elliot, I am sorry we did not get your phone message until the following morning. Yulia was ill last night and in bed all night while I was at scouts with the boys. We will call and see if we can get Yulia over to talk to Cava about his trip though it sounds like it went pretty well. :)