Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cava Meets A Dinosaur

Ever since he was little, one of Benjamin's favorite places to go has always been the Schiele Museum. He has grown up with a real love for science. Up until we adopted Cava, we have had a membership and could take Benjamin whenever he wanted to go. Since the adoption, we are tight on money so we didn't renew it (very much to Benjamin's disappointment).

Once we heard today was a "Free Tuesday," we (Benjamin especially) jumped at the chance to take Cava. Something Benjamin is dying to teach Cava about is science and he was thrilled that he would get to show off one of his favorite places to his little brother. Before we left, I took Benjamin aside and said, "You do realize that Cava's not going to be still long enough for you to teach him, right?" To which, he responded incredulously, "Really? You think I don't know that by now?" (Gotta' love your nearly-teenage kids).

On the ride to the museum, Benjamin asked, "What do you think his favorite thing is going to be? I'll bet it will be the dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex. Or the insects. He'll probably see the spiders and say, "Spiderman!"

We met Danelle there and the first thing Cava noticed when we went inside wasn't the large T-Rex skeleton that greeted visitors but a snack table. Both he and Benjamin got a small cup of raisins, pretzels, and dried banana chips before I could convince either to pose in front of Rex.

Cava was excited about the T-Rex only because he'd done a puzzle of a T-Rex earlier in the day and he kept saying, "Puzzle! Puzzle!"

From there, we went at a break-neck pace throughout the museum itself with Cava excitedly shouting and pointing, "Mama! Papa! дивляться! (See!)" He did this for every thing and it was fun to see just how enthusiastic he was despite spending only a matter of seconds in front of each display.

It turns out Cava's favorites were the "Mishkas!" and he had to pose in front of each one.

"OOOOOO," he would declare with wide-eyed wonder each time he entered a new room and saw both taxidermied animals and lives ones. Or when he saw the dinosaurs. Since Danelle, Benjamin and I have visited the Schiele numerous times over the years, it was fun to see it again through new eyes and a real sense of joy.

Thankfully, the one thing Cava didn't notice - the gift shop! That kept the "Free" night at the Schiele free.

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  1. Looks like a blast! Glad you were all able to have some (affordable) family fun.