Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chef Cava

Danelle went to the grocery store this afternoon and when she got back, Cava was thrilled by each and every item that came out of the bags. With each new product he pulled from the bag, he would say with great enthusiasm, "Thank you" and "Для мене" ("For me") and Danelle would tell him, "No, that's for all of us" or "That's for you and Benjamin." He was disappointed until he came to the Dora fruit snacks, which are just for him. "спасибо," he smiled, "Thank you."

When it came time to fix dinner, Cava wanted to help "Mama" in the kitchen. So Chef Cava began preparing his first meal: spaghetti. And he took his task very seriously.

Being very independent and head strong, Cava did not want help but waved Danelle away when she tried to mess with his culinary skills.

Along with the spaghetti, our chef tonight prepared Hawaiian Rolls.

Cava was thrilled that he helped make our meal and smiled big whenever any of us complimented him on his delicious meal. I'm sure this won't be the last time he helps in the kitchen.

After dinner, the boys enjoyed a bowl of ice cream, which Cava has gone from calling it "Мороженое" to "ice cream." We're now starting our third week since he arrived and I love watching how our family is changing and to see Cava growing in his understanding of being in one.


  1. Elena, although quite a bit younger than Cava, loves going food shopping and helping (well, "helping" in quotes) prepare dinner. I'm sure a big part of it is just liking to do the things that grown-ups do, but I think another part of it is a leftover fascination from being in the orphanage, where she only saw food served, and never prepared or chosen or grown. We kind of take cooking dinner for granted, but imagine how wonderful and mysterious it must be for someone who's never seen raw ingredients turned into supper.

  2. This was a great post! I'm really looking forward to cooking with our kiddos. A loves to eat, so I'm sure she will live to help cook. V loves sweets (who doesn't?) and I do some part time baking out of our home so I'm sure she will love helping with that too! It reall looks like ou got the perfect boy for your happy for you guys.