Monday, February 11, 2013

New Favorites

Just to give an update on our ever-changing Cava, I thought I'd write a post about some of his new favorites:

First, he loves all things Spiderman. He can't get enough of the web slinger. Cava was over-the-moon thrilled the day I gave him the Spiderman sunglasses (in the photo above), especially when he discovered their super feature: they light up. He put them on, grinned big and told me to play some "Mac" on the radio. This is in reference to another of his new favorites: TobyMac. He loves TobyMac, especially the song "Eye On It," which he tries to dance like the break-dancer in the video or pose like TobyMac himself. It's not too hard since Cava has swagger all his own.

For awhile, Cava was all about "Dora the Explorer" and then it was "Go Diego Go." Danelle and I joked that he would probably learn Spanish before he learned English. But now they have both been replaced by a monkey.

Curious George, to be more precise, whom Cava just calls "monkey."

George is probably one of his new favorites now because they both love bananas and their curiosity often gets them both into trouble. Cava also gets a big kick playing the Curious George games on the PBS Kids website. I love it because it's teaching him his numbers and new words. He beams proudly whenever the game tells him "Good job" or "Fantastic," which he repeats. 

His new favorite phrase is, "Oh my goodness." We aren't sure where he picked this up from since none of us say it. 

Thanks to the Brices bringing us dinner one night, we could also add a new food to his loves column - BBQ!He told us, "Yum," and gave the big thumbs up to it.  He was especially fond of the sauce. In fact, he had one sandwich that was just the bun with BBQ sauce in it. 

While he still loves to play Candyland, we've also add Chutes & Ladders to the rotation. He is especially fond of seeing Papa's character slide down one of the really long ladders that send him back near the start.

We've also begun working with him on reading books in English. His first was Goodnight Moon and he enjoyed how, after we'd read it, going around the room he shares with Benjamin to say "good-night" to different things.

Two other books he's read are Go, Dog, Go! and Ten Little Ladiebugs. While he loved Green Eggs and Ham when I read it to him, he absolutely did not like Cat in the Hat. In fact, he got irritated with the Cat for disrupting the house, which is funny since he so often does.

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. Even if it's putting together the same puzzles over and over again. We've got to get this boy some new puzzles. And, for some reason, he likes putting them together on the floor better than the on the table.

Back in the boarding school, Cava's only bathing option was the shower that the entire floor shared.

But now that he's here, he has discovered baths. So he went from taking long hot showers to taking long hot baths where he likes to submerge himself or splash about. There are the occasional nights when he actually has some water left in the tub by the time he gets out.  

Breaking out his fierce dance moves. He loves to dance. And he takes his dancing very seriously. When I can get a video of him, I'll post that to prove both.

There are many firsts we have missed with Cava, but we got one on Saturday (at least for us): he lost a tooth (which he's done before) but then he put it under his pillow and woke up the next morning to find "kopecky" (quarters) where the tooth had been. He was so thrilled that he had to take the quarters to church to show everyone what he'd gotten for his tooth.

Lastly, his new blanket. When Benjamin was a baby, our friend Chris had his aunt make Benjamin one and, after he got older, we put it aside so he could have it to keep for his own first child. Since we didn't have such a keepsake blanket for Cava, it really meant a lot to us when Terry Rathman from our Growth Group at  church brought one for Cava that his late mother had made. 

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