Monday, February 18, 2013

Perusing Pets

On Saturday, we had the therapist speak to Cava about our dog Chloe because we're concerned about how rough is with her. She started the conversation by asking Cava, "Do you have a dog at home?"

"Da. Chloe."

"Do you love Chloe?"


"Why don't you love Chloe?"

"Chloe is Benjamin's dog."

It came out that Cava is extremely jealous of Benjamin's relationship with Chloe. Even if we could explain to him that Benjamin has had Chloe to himself since we bought her six years ago, Cava wouldn't understand. The therapist suggested we buy a small pet that could be Cava's. She recommended a teddy bear hamster.

After church yesterday, we had lunch and then went to our local PetSmart to do some pet browsing and see which pets Cava most responded to.

The first thing he dashed over to was the fish tanks. He was more interested in trying to reach in the tanks to put his hand in the water than he was actually looking at the fish inside.

From there, we moved on to the guinea pigs, hamsters, rodents and the chinchillas. 

He was most taken by the $159.00 chinchilla.

So we moved him on to the birds, although I'm not sure why since we have no desire to own a bird.

After that, it was the cat cages and the dogs that were available for adoption from the local shelter.

Out of all the things he saw, the one he was most interested in and wanted us to buy for him was - a squeak toy monkey meant for dogs to play with! Not wanting to buy my son a dog toy, Danelle distracted him briefly while I put the dog toy back. Then we took him to one of our favorite spots: Krispy Kreme. There he had his first chocolate with sprinkles doughnut (just like his older brother). To this doughnut, Cava gave a big thumb's up and a, "Yum."

He also got to wear his first Krispy Kreme hat. Don't know if it was the hat but we had to stop him from going behind the counter to where they make the doughnuts.

Danelle and I were still unsure of what kind of a pet we are willing to get Cava, so we decided it best to stop by ToysRUs and get him something he did want:

A stuffed monkey!

While he was disappointed that this one didn't squeak like the one at PetSmart, he did name it "Monkey" after Curious George, who he calls "Monkey."

It's funny, as much as Cava hates wearing a seat-belt, we couldn't start the car until he had also buckled "Monkey" in. 

If you have a suggestion for a good first pet for Cava, please let us know.