Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snapshots Of A Snowy Day

True, this snow doesn't come close to that we experienced in Ukraine but that didn't stop the boys from having some fun in it this morning before we went to church.

Cava was more than happy to pose for me, while Benjamin's response was, "Really? You have to take more  pictures?"

"Yes," I replied, "We're making memories and one day you'll appreciate all my photos." (I sound like my mother).

This snowy morning started out peaceful enough with the boys inspecting my frozen goldfish pond (previously a Koi pond, but I got tired of feeding the raccoons with them and so I replaced the $10 a piece Koi with 10 cents a piece goldfish).

This momentary peace was broken by Cava, who decided to throw a fistful of snow at his older brother. With that, the gloves were off (metaphorically speaking) and they were chasing each other around our backyard throwing snow at each other either by fist:

Or badminton racket:

Or by shaking the snow off the tree limbs:

Until they get tired of the chase and decided to play on the swing-set. Not even snow can keep this boy from flipping:

Or swinging:

Benjamin was just glad he got to play outside with his brother in Cava's first "American snow."

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