Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snowy Day Birthday

Where we live, we tend to get very little snow during winter. Maybe once a year. Despite having lived 8 years in Ukraine where he has seen some real snow, Cava got very excited when he looked out the window and saw it snowing. "Сніг! Сніг!" he kept repeating. ("Snow! Snow!"). He and Benjamin were tumbling over themselves to get their coats, hats, and gloves on and run outside. Once out there, both, like the Peanuts gang, tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

When I came out with my camera, Cava kept telling me "видеть,Papa! видеть!" (Which translates to "Witness!" or "Behold!" as if he were an Old Testament prophet). As I've written previously, I love this enthusiasm in him. He can get this way about what most of us take for granted or find mundane, such as he still gets excited about picking out his pajamas each night (Hulk? Spiderman? Or Spongebob?).

In the midst of their running around in the lightly falling snow (which looks more like rain in this photo for some reason), they stopped to share a brief moment of brotherly affection. Once Cava had left to go to his friend from school, Isabella's birthday party, Benjamin was through with the love and was ready for a snowball fight with me.

That was actually one of the smaller snow balls that we threw once I put my camera back in the house. Benjamin and I had a blast even as we became soaking wet and cold. Not letting that stop us, we took the time to create this tiny snow couple and their story.  Edgar and Irene Snow have been married 30 hours (They measure their marriage in terms of hours not years) and she loves him, despite his thinning hair and expanding belly, and he loves her, despite her extravagant taste in hats. It's a love that will last since they both vowed, "Til sun doth we melt."

Once we finally did come inside, I fixed us both hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows. As I was preparing the hot chocolate, I paused to snap this photo of our backyard. 

Drinking our hot chocolate, Benjamin and I talked about how we were both disappointed that Cava couldn't have been there to play with us in his "first American snow," as Benjamin referred to it. Yes, we missed him but we doubt he missed us as he was all too thrilled to be going to his first every birthday party. Ever since he got the invitation to go to Isabella's birthday party earlier in the week he has been counting down the days until today and then it changed to hours. This was the first one he's ever been to and Danelle had the therapist explain to him this morning what would transpire and how he was to behave at just such a soiree.  

Of course Benjamin and I were excited when Danelle and Cava returned with all of the goodies that Cava won from his first ever pinata!  Tops, a car, lollipop, pencil, finger puppet, erasers, and 3 different lip glosses (grape, pineapple, and strawberry).  They ate lots of pizza, Cava took the pineapple off his slices and ate them separately. This was followed by cake. Cava never says "no" to cake or the ice cream, for that matter.

Of course, he worked it all off when he played Twister:

Or dancing "Gangam Style":

Cava had no problem breaking out his moves. As I've said before, that boy loves to dance!

He had a great time at his first birthday party and we can't wait until his comes around in November. Then we'll burst out in song to LMFAO's "Party Rockers" with our own variation: "Party Cava's in the house tonight / Every body just have a good time!"

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