Monday, March 4, 2013

Cava's Latest Likes

1. The "Toy Story" series. His favorite character is Buzz Lightyear.

2. Playing PBS Kids or Nick Jr. games on-line. Especially anything "Curious George" or "Dora The Explorer."

3. Playing Hide N Go seek in the house at night with all of the lights off and using only flashlights to find people with.

4. The Word Girl theme song (Do you blame him? I mean, she is from the planet Lexicon).

5. Mac & Cheese (Due in large part to the encouragement of his big brother).

6. Watching the "Star Wars" movies in a Darth Vader mask. Guess who his favorite character is?

7. I've blogged before about how much Cava loves to do puzzles, but now he likes to have them at the head of his bed (which makes it challenging when I have to vacuum). His favorite puzzles are the ones that glow in the dark.

8. Attempting to play on Benjamin's Nintendo DSI. Even though he doesn't know how to play any of the games, whenever he does anything that makes something happen, Cava will go, "YES!" like he just won.

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