Thursday, March 14, 2013

Freezin' Fun

Cava has the day off from school today (much to Benjamin's dismay since he didn't), so, after running some errands this morning, I took Cava to his favorite park to play. This was also my nephew and niece's favorite, as well as Benjamin's. All of them refer to it as "the castle park."

Since it was not even 40 degrees outside and windy, Cava and I had the park to ourselves. This was the first time I'd ever been to this park and not seen other kids. Cava thought it was hysterical that we would whisper so that nobody would hear us and know we were there having fun by ourselves and want to come to the park, too. Yes, the park was our secret.

Of course, the first thing Cava had to do was swing and, for the first time, he got to swing in one of the red chair swings. Normally this swing is the most popular and there is always a kid in it whenever we've come to the park, so he was happy to finally get his chance to use it. And boy did he swing high! Whenever he went back, I ran towards him. Then, when he would swing forward, I would run away. Needless to say, he delighted in this silly game.

After swinging for awhile, Cava was in a performing mood and wanted to show me his musical stylings on the xylophone.

Then he wanted me to chase him so that I could see how fast he is. Here he is taunting me from above. "PAPA!"

Being a little monkey, he loves to climb, so this zip-line was a lot of fun. He has some serious upper-body strength.

After playing awhile, he told me he was ready for lunch. An early lunch, since it was barely 11 am. Because it was so cold, we called our food names like "shivering sandwiches" and "chilly chips." At one point, Cava made a joke in Ukrainian and, despite not knowing what he said, his infectious laughter made me join in.

Despite the cold, we definitely had a great time with each other, which is something I cherish. 

Wanting some warmth, we finally came home and Cava laid down on the couch under his blanket and watched Dora the Explorer.

One thing I've learned as a parent it's that, more than anything you can buy for them, children want to spend time with their parents. I've always loved getting to spend one-on-one time with Benjamin and now I get to do the same with Cava. 

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