Sunday, March 24, 2013

Science Saturday

One of our favorite places in Gastonia, the Schiele Museum, was having a free health fair on Saturday, so we decided to take the boys. We weren't there long before Cava was in a lab coat and mask ready to perform surgery on Odysseus.

Quicker than he got his lab coat on, Dr. Cava had all of Odysseus' organs out and on the table. I'm not sure why so much surgery was needed just to give him a shot, but then again, I'm not the doctor.

From Odysseus, he moved on to performing surgery on "Cavity Sam" from Operation. I have never seen his red nose light up so much before as the doctor was determined to get that funny bone out.

Once Dr. Cava was no longer needed in the operating room, he went to the next table to have his arm wrapped in gauze and then have plaster applied to it.

Here is the final result:

I'm hoping this is the only time his arm will be in a cast, but, knowing Cava . . .

We moved on to another room where they had two pigs' lungs: one healthy and one blackened to show the effects of smoking. Cava was interested only in touching the healthy one (Despite the sign that read: Please Do Not Touch. That's my Cava!)  This was followed by a trip to the bathroom to was his hands.

After that, he and Benjamin got picked to be in a short play about a little girl who gets sick. Cava was a "B Cell" and Benjamin was a "T Cell." Both were thoroughly convincing in their roles.

He enjoyed fishing for good health because he got a bag with a coloring book, crayons, and fruit snacks.

Once outside, he was thrilled to get to sit in a real fire truck.

After going home for lunch, we then took the boys, including Benjamin's friend Shane, to Krispy Kreme for a doughnut. Yes, there's nothing like going to a health fair, learning all about healthy snacks, and disregarding all of that information to get a doughnut.

From there, we drove 30 minutes to Hickory to visit the Catawba Science Center. We had told Cava that he was going to see a real shark so that's all that was on his mind and we went to the aquarium section first. Cava literally quivered with excitement at getting to touch a stingray.

He quickly took off his coat, rolled up his sleeve, and plunged his arm into the water to touch more.

Every time he touched one, he'd shout, "YES!" And then he'd jump up and down. Cava laughed when the smallest, fastest stingray would swim past and splash him with water with its fin. We nicknamed this playful,  little stingray "Cava." While Benjamin and his friend Shane moved on to look at other tanks, we stayed with Cava at this one for 30 minutes before moving on to the hermit crabs.

With each new tank, Cava would tell Danelle and I, in Russian, to "Look! Look!" 

He had never seen anything like these aquariums and his body was physically pulsing with excitement.

Benjamin was just happy that Cava was taking an interest in science and he, being the big brother, wanted to show him things. When we left the aquarium part of the science center, Cava's shirt was sooooo wet that he started to take it off. So, of course, we had to take a short detour to the gift shop to pay too much for a dinosaur t-shirt for Cava to wear. He was upset that we wouldn't buy him the stuffed stingray, too.

The two brothers spent some time controlling a replica of the Mars Rover.

Then they competed to see who could pull themselves up the fastest. (Just to let you know, the wet stain on Benjamin's shirt isn't sweat but water that the stingray had splashed on him earlier).

Cava pumped his fist with a loud, "YES!" every time he shot off one of the air rockets and hit a target.

He struggled with pedaling the bike fast enough to get the TV to come on.

Cava's teachers have told me that his favorite subject is science, so, who knows, maybe we'll have two future scientists on our hands. Whatever his interests are, like we have with Benjamin, we will encourage him in them.

Everybody had a blast. 

I love when our family gets to not only spend time together but also enjoys being with each other. 

I loved seeing Cava's excitement over touching a stingray. Whenever I see him like that, all I can do is wish that I could be inside his mind to know what he was thinking as he has so many new experiences. Since I can't, I just have to enjoy seeing the delight and wonder - and strive to see the world that way, too!

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