Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Visit From Aunt Tiana

As the boys' Spring Break comes to its inevitable end, they were excited that their Aunt Tiana was coming up from Charleston for a visit. This would be her first time meeting Cava and, between he and Benjamin, both of whom would give me an update throughout the day to let me know what time it was and how much longer it would be until she got here. And, once she had, they were all over her.

With their Aunt here, the calls of "Papa" and "Mama" were replaced by the constant calling for the attention of "Aunt Tiana." It was a showdown of look at me and take my picture. Even Benjamin who normally responds to my taking photos with, "Not again," was begging her to take his photo. What's up with that?

Of course, Aunt Tiana or not, Cava was not about to miss his nightly ritual bubble bath:

The boy loves him some bubbles and posing with them. He is definitely not camera shy.

Come Saturday, they had the whole day to pose and want their Aunt's attention. "Look at me! Aunt Tiana, look at me! Take a picture of me, Aunt Tiana!" Mommy and Papa were invisible. It started with Aunt Tiana doing one of Cava's favorite past times: puzzles. Then a breakfast of pancakes, sausage or bacon, or, in Benjamin's case, both.

To work off our big breakfast, it was outside and swing time!

Cava had me go get my camera so I could take a photo of him and Tiana.

His phrase of the day, "I love Aunt Tiana."

There was a rope climbing competition (Sort of. I'll let the photos speak for themselves):

Aunt Tiana even got in on the posing wearing her fashionable bendable rubber praying mantis accessory that's all the rage these days:

In the afternoon, when Danelle and I took Cava to his play therapy session, Benjamin got some alone time with his Aunt. She took him to two of his favorite places: Radio Shack and Krispy Kreme. I know he loved getting to spend one-on-one time with her and not having to share her attention for awhile.

When we got back, we did what we always do when a family member comes for a visit: we went to a park! The boys started by playing on the elaborate rope course:

But Cava being Cava just had to climb other things as well:

Then they rode the small train:

When I asked Cava if he liked riding the train, he responded with a smile and, "It's really cool!"

Later, as he was walking with me, he told me, "Ukraine: no train, no park. I like America."

Needless to say, he slept very well when bedtime rolled around.

The boys were sad when Sunday came and Aunt Tiana had to return home. 

There was an added sadness to her leaving since our dog Chloe would be traveling with her to Granddad Bob's. She's going to be staying with him for awhile since we've had a problem with Cava being too rough with her. 

Benjamin was especially sad to see his best buddy leaving. He's had her by his side ever since he was 5 and the two of them are inseparable. In fact, the longest they've ever been apart was when we were in Ukraine. 

Still, we know Granddad Bob will be spoiling his grand-dog. 

And we will count the days until Chloe can come back home.

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  1. 1. Cava looks super happy and super cute with that smile from the bubbles!

    2. Looks like an awesome weekend.

    3. So glad you have Cava in the play therapy (I am a huge believer in it) and Benjamin got to have alone time with his aunt- way to meet both kids' needs! Go Blackwell parents!

    4. Proud of you guys for caring enough for Chloe to know she needed a little "dog-cation". I know it must be hard but you def. did the right thing.