Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adventure Landing

Yesterday we went for a walk by a creek that turned into two boys soaking wet in a creek. By the time we finished our walk, Benjamin and Cava were wet, dirty, and had gotten along for over an hour so it was well worth the dirty clothes and sneakers.

Today, however, I took them somewhere that they wouldn't come back drenched: Adventure Landing Mini-Golf. Cava had never played mini-golf before and he was excited to be playing on a course surrounded by statues of African animals like giraffes, hippos, elephants, and a rhino. He'll be over-the-moon when we take him to the Riverbanks Zoo tomorrow and he can actually see real ones.

We picked out our clubs and golf balls (green for Cava, naturally). The boys definitely have their own form when it comes to miniature golf. Benjamin started off with a hole in one, while Cava went for the "hit the ball as hard as he can approach," which meant his ball went outside the fenced in area and a nice gentleman who was passing by handed it back to us.

We didn't keep score because it didn't matter how many times he actually hit the ball, every hole for Cava was a "Three!"

Of course, after the first few holes, Cava said he didn't want to play anymore. He wanted to pose with the animals instead. I'm not sure what this pose is:

Still, I convinced Cava to finish all 18 holes by letting him take photos, too. Here are some examples of his work:

Just as he does in golf, Cava has his own artistic style.

Once we were done, we went inside to play arcade games (it was a Two for Tuesday, whereby you could play one round of golf and get 10 tokes for $6 each). While Benjamin focused on games where you could get tickets for prizes, Cava focused on racing games. He started off playing a Nascar game where he raced Charlotte Motor Speedway. His car spent most of its time scraping along the sides before coming in 28th, but he didn't care. He yelled, "Yoohoo! I won!" 

Then  he moved on to the game where he raced a motorcycle. Here he preferred driving on the sidewalk instead of the streets. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to teaching this boy how to drive when he's 16.

He did play a few games where he won a total of 23 tickets and he couldn't wait to trade his in for prizes just like Benjamin had (Of course, Benjamin had over 200). I kept having to explain to Cava which prizes he could choose from and that he didn't have nearly enough for any of the bigger prizes. "Awww, man," he groused.

In the end, he got a Tootsie Roll and a small plane. 

The funny thing is, I think the two of them spent more time trying to decide what to get from the prize counter than they did playing miniature golf or arcade games. Oh well, at least we all had fun together!

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