Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A New Ukrainian Holiday

Ukrainians just celebrated Victory Day on May 9th. This was a day to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union, of which Ukraine was a part, and ended World War II or The Great Patriotic War as it was known in Russia.

Our family, however, just found out that they celebrate another holiday that we weren't aware of: Cava Day.

Cava Day is celebrated throughout Ukraine.

This holiday is so popular that they celebrate it for three days and not just one. Everyone does not have to go to work or school. Instead, they sing songs about Cava and dance folk dances.

All of the people eat cake, cookies, and candy.

They either take photos of Cava or paint portraits of him, as they hang these in their homes. They also decorate their homes in his honor.

Presents are exchanged (typically these gifts are puzzles or Spiderman toys).

They shoot fireworks at the end of each day.

Cava Day is celebrated at the end of May. So mark your calendars so that you and your family can all celebrate this beloved Ukrainian holiday too!

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