Monday, May 6, 2013

Cava's First Pets

Awhile back, we were on the great search for Cava's first pet. He really, really wants a dog but we don't think he's ready for one yet. Since he loves the movie Finding Nemo and he likes to watch the fish in my Koi pond just as much as I do, we decided to take him to look at Fintastics (mentioned in the previous blog Fish Tanks & Produce Aisles). It's a really great fish store in Charlotte.

We explained to Cava that we weren't here to buy, but just to look around.

Still, he tried.

"Please, Papa, please," he begged when he saw the Clown Fish or "Nemo" fish as Cava calls them. Now I was not about to plunk down the $60 for the Clown Fish, not to mention how expensive it would be to keep up a salt water aquarium, so his requests fell on deaf ears. "No, Cava, remember, we're just looking at fish."

"Okay, okay, okay."

This lasted until Cava told me it was okay that we didn't buy him a Clown Fish and enthusiastically pointed out what he would take as his second choice:

Yes, a shark. His second choice was a shark. 

Needless to say, we came home empty-handed. 

After we did come home, Cava and Mommy worked on a puzzle, while Benjamin and I went to Wal-Mart to buy an inexpensive aquarium and two fish. I knew it would be best - and cheaper - to go without Cava.

Benjamin picked out two that didn't look just alike because he wanted his younger brother to be able to tell his new pets apart.

When we brought the fish home and showed them to Cava, his reaction was, "No, not those fish. Different fish." He wanted bright, colorful fish like the ones he'd seen earlier.

Once I explained that we weren't buying such expensive, high maintenance fish and that if he didn't like them, I could just give them to Benjamin, Cava quickly changed his mind. He also named them: Nemo and Shark. First, I prepared the tank and the water:

When that was done, I took the fish and tank into Cava's room where they will now resided on the bedside table. Here's a photo of the new proud pet owner with his first ever pets that are just his:

Here's a photo of the fish, Nemo and Shark. The orange and white one is Nemo and the one with black on him is Shark:

Cava also wanted me to post a photo of the fish tank with the bedroom light off:

He loved his fish so much that he fell asleep watching them swimming.

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  1. I love shark and nemo!! I think aquariums are very therapeutic. I always had them in my bedroom growing up and they helped me to sleep.

    If they die quickly you may have to run out and "replace them" so Cava doesn't have a broken heart! His first pets need to last at least a little while! ;)