Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cava's Proud Accomplishment

Cava is definitely our puzzle master. Ever since he came to our home, what he has loved doing most is putting puzzles together. And he quickly moved from 24 piece puzzles to 100 piece puzzles to 500 piece puzzles. Today he finished his first 1000 piece puzzle and he was extremely proud of what he'd done. He came and found me cleaning bathrooms, had me stop, and take his photo with the puzzle. But that wasn't enough, he wanted me to post the photo.

He loves puzzles so much that he thanks the Lord for them every night and he thanks the Lord for Aunt Mickie for sending puzzles, including this one, to him.

And how did he celebrate his accomplishment?

By immediately starting on a new 500 piece puzzle of a peacock of course!

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